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2650 EUR.

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We are delighted to announce that the esteemed Negotiation Masterclass, based out of Harvard Law School and conducted by Senior Fellow, Robert R. Bordone, will be set up for the first time in Holland in Amsterdam in October 2024.

The masterclass presents absolute world class negotiation theory and techniques and it is a unique chance to lift your negotiation skills to top international level.

It is taught by Robert Bordone, former professor at and now Senior Fellow at Harvard Law School, currently negotiation advisor for the Biden administration and the absolute global thought leader of negotiation techniques.

He will be assisted by Kyle Glover, former Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School and a lawyer at Pierce Atwood, LLP in Portland, Maine.

A Harvard program of negotiation

The Negotiation Masterclass is a two-day program based on The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School
For two decades, Bob Bordone has been the award-winning lead professor for Harvard Law School’s Spring Negotiation Masterclass.

This intensive two-day course builds upon state-of-the-art concepts and tools for analyzing, preparing for, and conducting negotiations. It offers a unique pedagogy that combines the latest theory with practice and individual skill-building.

It has been set up in both Copenhagen and Stockholm, where it has been sold out, with huge success, offering a unique opportunity to learn the latest information, techniques and tools, with teaching methods developed at this world famous institution.


Given the complex and evolving nature of organizations today – the varied and complex legal and contractual issues that arise on a regular basis both internally with staff and management, and externally with suppliers, partners and clients, it is more important that leaders receive formal negotiation instruction.

The key take-aways for the masterclass are:
  • The masterclass translates the latest in research on negotiation to practice: It’s based on the best and most advanced thinking on the topic
  • The masterclass gives participants the tools to both do well for themselves in a negotiation while building lasting      relationships. SO, it is NOT about beating the other side or winning but rather about mutual gain
  • The masterclass gives participants tools to continue their learning beyond the two days of the course itself. So we teach you how to improve over time

Participants who enroll in this masterclass will learn how to:

  • Prepare effectively for negotiation
  • Measure success in a negotiation with greater precision
  • Manage common barriers to negotiated agreement
  • Increase the size of the value “pie” in negotiation
  • Build more sustainable relationships with negotiation partners
  • Handle difficult negotiators and hard bargainers
  • Design a process for managing complex multiparty disputes
  • Increase their awareness of how others act in conflict situations
  • Enhance their skills of empathy and assertiveness

Material for the course is drawn from research, cases, and simulations developed and used at The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. Please note that there will be homework between day 1 and day 2.
After completing the masterclass you have improved your understanding of negotiation, have reached new heights in preparing and measuring your own skills, developed negotiation strategies and are able to handle conflicts and complex dynamics at the negotiation table.
The goal is that you will improve your skills as a negotiator and excel in creating deals, solving complex problems, and building strong relationships.

Target group

The course is designed for managers, attorneys and others at all levels who want to improve their negotiation skills and develop a more effective set of responses.

Cancellation terms and conditions

If you cancel before September 17, 2024, a cancellation fee of EUR 800 will be charged.

If you cancel before October 3, 2024, the cancellation fee is 50% of the course fee.

If cancellation is made after October 3, 2024, the full course fee is payable.

The course can be approved as mandatory continuing education for lawyers.

Previous participants are saying

”The professional content was outstanding. I have learned a lot and gained lots of new skills. I would have liked one more day."
– Lida Akiodé, Senior Consultant, Kost & Ernæringsforbundet, Denmark

”Extremely skilled teacher and a perfect variation between teaching and exercises. Robert Bordone is at a top professional level and with a brilliant way of presenting that exceeded all my expectations. One of the best courses I have ever attended.”
– Morten Wahl Liljenbøl, lawyer and associated partner, Kammeradvokaten, Denmark

"Extreme vibrant teaching, that holds participants attention from start to finish.”

– Claes Christensen, lawyer and partner, Bach Advokater, Denmark

Highly skilled teachers, that master theories and techniques perfectly, and who made it understandable.”
– Kristian Holm Pedersen, Head of Sales and Marketing, Howden Turbo-DK, Denmark

”Fantastic teachers, very dynamic course with a good mix of theory, real-life cases, simulations and exercises.”
– Lola Caballero Laporta, Business Developer, Maersk Drilling, Denmark

”It was the most educational and practical useful masterclass, I have ever participated in, and I will definitely participate in a masterclass with them again.”
– Hanne Louise Høimark, Legal Consultant, Region Mid Jutland, Denmark

“Theory mixed with practical hands-on experience and feedback. The lecturers successfully created a positive atmosphere within the group, this created an environment where everyone dared to challenge themselves and try new things.”
– Linda Ragnerstam, Kategoriansvarig Inredning, JM AB, Sweden
“Extremely strong lecturers, I really enjoyed the blend of theory and practice.”
– Björn Wretfeldt, Transformation Officer, Securitas Group AB, Sweden

“You were able to run different simulations and test the tools for real, which I thought was really good. “
– Ali Khan, Head of Purchasing, Cambio Healthcare Systems AB, Sweden

“Interactive sessions and exercises, sympathetic course leaders, a good balance between theory and exercise”

– Haris Catovic, Legal Counsel, Immedica Pharma AB, Sweden

Programma voor Negotiation Masterclass

Lees meer over de Negotiation Masterclass en bekijk het boeiende programma hier.

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